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Announcing sweet baby Amelia Mae ~ born in May

Now that Amelia is six-months-old, I'm returning to the field and taking assignments.

(Family photo by Jill Ferguson. The gorgeous sleepy photo at right by Carolyn Wiles. The rest made by yours truly.)

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On Maternity Leave and some baby belly portraits What a joy it has been to spend time with my littles and prepare for a third baby these past months. Lisa Kunkel Photography has been on maternity leave with no set date for full-time return. Committing to motherhood here. Of course I will not be able to abstain from photography all together. Keep in touch on Instagram and look for feature photos in the Greybull Standard weekly newspaper. We are currently not booking any portrait sessions or weddings. 

Also...wanted to share these beautiful portraits done by Powell photographer Jill Ferguson. I hired her not only because it's hard taking a nice photo of yourself WITH two rambunctious children, but also because I value supporting other photographers. Jill was a joy to work with and I just love her style. She will also be visiting us in the hospital when baby joins the world. I am so looking forward to letting go of my need to document (for a moment) and handing over the reigns to another professional photographer. 

So for now, I am soaking in every moment with my family of four and patiently preparing for five of us. Due date approaching quickly!


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A break here, active on Instagram There has been a long break in posts here on the blog. I've had to scale back to accommodate being so sick during my third pregnancy (hyperemsis gravidarum, persistent full-term morning sickness.) But while there may not be new photos here, my Instagram feed is updated regularly. I encourage you to follow me on Instagram for my photographic take on daily life with two little ones, living in rural Wyoming. All iPhone photos. Here is a slice of my recent work. 


Instagram photos by Lisa Kunkel



Instagram photos by Lisa Kunkel

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Announcing another pumpkin The month of September -- and most of October -- I stepped away from photography to focus on my family. The main reason to be honest, I was tied down with extreme morning sickness! Yes, that's right, I'm pregnant. My husband JD and I are so joyful to announce that we are indeed adding another pumpkin to our patch.

It's poetic to me that my last blog post was about a newborn session I did with a longtime friend, Betsy. And now my mind is fluttering with ideas and the anticipation of getting to photography my own newborn in May. Big sister Adeline (almost 5) and soon-to-be big brother Wyatt (2)


Location: Private property in Greybull, Wyoming

Session: Children, pregnancy announcement

Style: Lifestyle


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Newborn Scout It is pure joy to photograph a newborn baby. They are small, delicate and bring back pleasant memories from my own newborns. I have known Betsy since we both attended school at the University of Montana. We reconnected in Helena in our adult lives and it's been an honor to document the growth of her family these last couple years. Congratulations to her and fiance Sean for welcoming Scout Darlene McCarthy into the family. She was born on May 23rd and was three weeks old during our newborn photo session. Please enjoy a collection of favorites from session, in their home, with big sisters Layla and Sadie.

Location: Private home in Clancy, Montana

Session: Newborn baby with siblings and mother

Style: Lifestyle

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Windmueller Family The Windmueller Family. This family is my longest, repeat client. I adore them. Jeff and I went to Journalism School together over 14 years ago. So did Sarah but we never met till my husband JD and I moved to Helena in 2008. Jeff was the Sports Editor of Helena's daily paper and I was the sports photographer. Soon the Windmullers welcomed their first child, Caderyn and soon after JD and I welcomed our first child, Adeline. Then as time progressed both families added more kids, Gabriel and Wyatt. Those kids spent a lot of time together. We even lived in the same neighborhood. Sarah and I would walk the kids and Lucy in Helena's beautiful Mansion District. Side-note, Sarah is a blogger and is a joy to follow, read about Gibby turning 2 and see some of my photos here.

This session was particularly special to both their family and me. We joined together in the Elkhorn Mountains with Jeff's parents Craig and Pam before Jeff was deployed for South Korea. He is a Second Lieutenant in the Army. Sarah and the boys will be without Jeff for one year. We wanted to make a beautiful family portrait and capture some fun mountain memories before he left. It was also bittersweet because Sarah is leaving Helena TOMORROW to begin her move to Arizona with her parents.  I have been photographing their family since Caderyn was a bump in Sarah's tummy and have been privileged to photograph their Christmas card portrait the last five years. 

This is why I love my job. This. Documenting real life.

Capturing images with feeling and the surroundings of my clients. 

I hope you enjoy my favorites from their session including their spunky dog Lucy (who is in every photo shoot) and of course the goofy moments of Jeff and Sarah who never fail to make my job fun and hilarious.

{This breathtaking location was the same as the Sears Family, up a windy dirt road near the Strawberry Butte Lookout in the Elkhorn Mountains between Montana City and Clancy. If you live in the Helena area, this drive is well worth it.}





Location: Elkhorn Mountains near Clancy, Montana

Session: Large Family plus breakout portraits

Style: Mountains, Nature and Whimsical

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Kunkel Wedding Sneak Peek {Sneak Peek} of the Kunkel and Martinez Wedding. I'm editing this gorgeous mountain wedding this week. Just wanted to showcase some of my favorites of just the bride and groom, Rebecca and Tom. Yes, he's a Kunkel too! But we are not related. I love how small this world is AND I love that there was a bison as a wedding guest. Gotta love Wyoming.


Venue: Pahaska Tepee near the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Photographer: Lisa Kunkel Photography

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The Grand Tetons The last three times I've visited the Jackson, Wyoming area the weather shrouded my view of these glorious peaks. But this last week I was bathed in their beauty. One of my happy places. Interesting fact about myself, I have climbed to the top of Middle Teton at 12,804 feet (the peak to the left of the Grand, the tallest peak of the bunch) I almost made it to the top of Teewinot Mountain (the one to the right front of the Grand) but that's a story for another time. On my bucket list is standing on the top tippity top of the Grand. I better start practicing my knot tying.

The Grand Tetons in July


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Sears Family The Sears Family came with 14 family members on our large-family session in the Elkhorn Mountains. They were a joy to photograph and it was the first time in four years that the family had been together as a whole. I feel blessed to have been chosen to document this special occasion and create these beautiful images for them to remember the trip by. The little ones braved the cool mountain air and we only got rained on a little bit. I found this location thanks to my friend Laura who had posted a photo on Facebook of her son running through this meadow. I messaged her and she gladly gave me directions. This breathtaking location is up a windy dirt road near the Strawberry Butte Lookout in the Elkhorn Mountains between Montana City and Clancy. If you live in the Helena area, this drive is well worth it.

Location: Elkhorn Mountains near Clancy, Montana

Session: Large Family plus breakout portraits

Style: Mountains, Nature and Traditional

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Emly Family Favorites from the Emly photo session. Shak, Hayley and daughter Addisyn. The reason for their session, celebrating 10 years of marriage. Happy Anniversary Shak and Hayley! We photographed in Helena's popular Reeder's Alley. The historic district is a well-liked spot for tourists and local photographers. Interesting fact, Reeder's Alley is the oldest intact piece of early Helena.



Location: Reeder's Alley, Helena, Montana

Session: Family

Style: Urban, Nature and Whimsical

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Elias Children Meet the Elias children, full of life and enjoying their childhood!!

Sibling session in Helena, Montana.

Location: Mansion District, Helena, Montana

Session: Sibling

Style: Urban, Nature and Whimsical

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Smokey Sunset  

Smoke from western fires illuminates a radiant sunset while birds soar above the Big Horn River this past weekend in Greybull, Wyoming. 

photo by Lisa Kunkel Photography

Smokey SunsetSmokey SunsetSmoke from western fires illuminates a radiant sunset while birds soar above the Big Horn River this past weekend in Greybull, Wyoming.

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Sloan & Kunkel Winter Wedding This past March I had the joy of documenting my sister-in-law's beautiful winter wedding. Stephanie Kunkel and Tony Sloan joined in marriage in a private, Jackson-chique evening at Spring Creek Ranch. With anticipation of photographing their reception next week in Victor, Idaho, I wanted to share a collection of my favorites from their ceremony. Enjoy.


Venue: Spring Creek Ranch Jackson, Wyoming

Flowers & Decorations: Stephanie Kunkel

Cake: Stephanie Kunkel

Acoustic guitar: JD Kunkel

Photographer: Lisa Kunkel Photography

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